C.C.T.V. Survey

Dyna - Jet operates a number of C.C.T.V. Inspection Systems for various sizes of pipework and environments. Confirming the internal cleanliness of pipework and process systems is vital where sensitive valves, compressors and pumps are concerned. C.C.T.V. survey shows clearly any debris in the lines. Defects in welds or joints can be located. A full video record and report of the survey can be retained by the client for permanent record or later comparison.

Full C.C.T.V. format is available for diameters as small as 6mm to inspect heat exchanger tubes, or as large as 2 metres for large bore water pipes. High definition video or stills accompanied by a report detailing defects are made on every survey.

Additional information such as gradient of lines, wall thickness, and pitting depth is available for certain workscopes.

"Launching" a Mainline C.C.T.V.

Mobile control and monitoring vehicle

Large diameter system

A video record of the survey allows review
of any defects and the ability to make
still pictures to illustrate problems