Internal and External Blasting of pipe work

Internal pipe cleaning and coating is a viable and cost-effective solution for maintaining the integrity of your pipelines. By providing a continuous protective lining, not only can you save your existing pipeline through positive internal corrosion prevention for a fraction of total replacement cost, but many additional benefits are derived from internal pipeline coating.

Corrosion is the single most costly problem in pipelines. It is the constant enemy of pipeline engineers and operators, literally destroying miles of pipeline annually. Even as you read this, Corrosion is eating away your company’s profits. Our distinctive method is a viable, cost-effective solution to maintaining the integrity of your pipelines.

I.S.T. Prevents or Stops Corrosion

Today, liquids are being produced from extremely hostile and corrosive environments, and with stringent new governmental regulations, pipeline maintenance and inspection has now become more critical than ever. New production techniques and other enhanced recovery procedures include chemicals, saltwater, and fresh water that accelerate naturally occurring corrosion.

Because of these ever demanding conditions, I.S.T. developed the capability to in-situ clean and coat almost any pipeline 2” (inch) in diameter or larger. Pipelines in the petro-chemical, chemical, oil, gas and water industry can be in-situ cleaned and coated at considerable cost savings versus pipeline replacement. Other applications, including industrial and municipal water lines, and utility piping, can also be in-situ, cleaned and coated. I.S.T. in-situ coating can be an alternative to other rehabilitation methods for steel water lines. No company has a proven record for in-situ cleaning and coating of pipelines like we do -offshore or on. The I.S.T. system has provided a continuous liner in over 20 miles of 20” (inch) pipe. We have the experience, the engineering and the financial resources to prevent or stop internal pipeline corrosion. Now, before it’s too late.