Cutting of Pipelines

The IST Jetcut system uses the latest water / abrasive cold cutting techniques including direct injection of an abrasive material into the water stream. Operation at 5,000 psi (345 Bar) or 10,000 psi (690 Bar) Jetcut is operated remotely (no hand held cutting). The cutting head is controlled at the desired speed through a control panel by a fully qualified IST technician.The IST Jetcut system is potentially the safest cutting system available. The cutting action is shock free, leaves no heat affected zones and is completely inert. All that is required to operate the integrated package is a water and air supply. The Jetcut abrasive water cutting system as operated by IST gives a spark-free cutting alternative to conventional cutting methods. Through a continuing process of engineering innovation, the system can make accurate clean cuts in pipework, tanks, piles and structural steel. The process is equally at home in a refinery where explosive environments preclude hot cutting and hundreds of metres underwater cutting a riser or platform leg. The cuts are made remotely with no exposure for the personnel involved. An large variety of cutting tools and manipulators have been developed to make shaped cuts for special purposes.