C.C.T.V. Inspection Systems

Camera systems for internal pipe inspections for diameters ranging from 8MM tubes up to 2M diameter pipelines.


Explosion Proof Flexiscan Camera System

This is an explosion proof, tractor mounted color camera system which can be used in pipework from 6” to approximately 36” ID. When in use as a borehole camera system, using larger lights, pipework up to 60” ID can be inspected. It features a built in pan and tilt with no external moving parts, inclinometer and variable speed tractor. A maximum distance of 250M is achievable under favorable conditions. It is watertight to a depth of in excess of 100M.

Pearpoint Color Flexiprobe

A forward viewing color camera system which can be used in pipework from 1.73” ID to in excess of 24” ID to a maximum length of 125M depending on pipework configuration. It is waterproof to over 100M water depths. It features a semi rigid fiberglass coated umbilical allowing the camera to be pushed through complicated pipework runs inaccessible by tractor mounted units.

Pearpoint Color Explosion Proof Flexiprobe

This is similar to the above except that the camera and light heads are of explosion proof design allowing it to be used in hazardous areas. The control unit and cable drum are not explosion proof and must be sighted in a safe area. Due to the different design of the light heads, this can be only used in systems 3” ID and above.

Pearpoint MiniProbe

This is a miniature version of the Flexiprobe. This will inspect pipework from 1” to 6” ID to a maximum distance of 50M in full color.

Welch Allyn Video Probe 2000

This is a video endiscope system utilizing video rather than fiber optic techniques to inspect pipework from ½” to 3” ID and 20M probes are available. This image is in full color.
All the above camera systems feature an on – screen meter accurate to 0.1M. All systems can be switched to operate on both 110V and 240V.