Oil Flushing of pipe works

I.S.T offers oil flushing technology, and instrumental for determining oil cleanliness levels of pipe work systems and equipment for the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Marine industries. I.S.T has unrivalled experience in Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Water Glycol, Fuel Oil and Demineralised water systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Services provided:
 Hydraulic Oil Flushing
 Lube Oil Flushing
 Pressure Testing
 Chemical Cleaning
 High quality Filtration
 High Volume water Flushing
 Demineralised Water Flushing


Solid particulate contamination is the largest cause of component failure in hydraulic and lube oil systems. Effective flushing removes contamination in the systems, by pumping high velocity fluid through the system pipe work. The turbulent flow and high velocities induced in the pipe work pick up the contaminant particles and transports them along with the fluid out of the pipe work and into the filters on the flushing unit.

I.S.T. flushing technicians are trained not just in the operation of the specialised flushing equipment, but also in the philosophy of flushing. This comprehensive understanding, combined with extensive experience, contributes to a more effective and efficient flushing process.

Offshore and site personnel are supported by a highly experienced project managements and technical support team.