Manless Tubes Cleaning

The cleaning of heat exchangers and boiler tubes with High Pressure Water Jetting is a potentially hazardous activity when undertaken using hand-held lancing. Operators are in close proximity to the powerful jets and in danger of back-blast. I.S.T has introduced "Manless" Tube Cleaning where the cleaning operation is remotely controlled at a safe distance from the blasting operations.

Big advantages from:
Remote – Controlled Tube Cleaning
High Safety Factor
High Quality Cleaning
High Efficiency Heat Exchange
High Productivity of Work

In addition to the vastly safer operation the remotely controlled jets rotate at high speed to peel away stubborn deposits on tubes. Everything is hydraulically powered, so operator fatigue never becomes an issue. Each tube is quickly descaled in a controlled manner leaving a highly cleaned tube for efficient heat exchange.

Both horizontal and vertical tubes can be cleaned using “Manless” Cleaning methods. Tube bundles up to 11 metres in length and tube diameters down to 19mm are within the capabilities of the equipment.

Blocked tubes and deposits like hardened carbonate, carbon or polymers are cleared and descaled in a single pass. Dual Lance Systems increase productivity over manual methods.