In the production of most chemicals or petrochemicals, the internal surface of tank cleaning must be cleaned on a regular basis. There is usually a buildup of contamination on the reactor walls and on the agitator blade surfaces. This build up results in inefficiencies and also there is a risk of downstream contamination due to debris falling off.

Tank cleaning result in faster batch runs, lower plant operating costs and less down time due to downstream contamination. To achieve these results, regular Tank & vessels cleaning by high pressure water jetting systems is required. Cleaning of reactor by high pressure jet systems improves heat transfer efficiency, resulting in production and efficiency gains ultimately lowering a plants total cost of operation.

Tanks and reactors are quickly cleaned with high pressure water jets, generally in a fraction of the time needed for manual or caustic cleaning. Tank cleaning machine are friendly to the environment and personnel. Since high pressure water jet cleaning eliminates the need for anyone to enter a tank, meeting the latest confined space standards is no problem at all.



    • Small reaction forces. Therefore, the technique can easily be mechanized and automatized.
    • No gas, vapor or slag formation
    • Minimum vibrations
    • High efficiency
    • Very careful removal of coatings, dirt and contaminations
    • High degree of industrial safety
    • Exclusion of chemical agents
    • No influencing of surface structure or mechanical properties of the parts and materials treated.