Snark jetpump dredge equipment is preferred by diving operators, owing to it's unique stabilised flow system which eliminates recoil on the suction head, greatly reducing diver fatigue during operation and allows maximum productivity per dive.

With the introduction of an annular jet within the dredge head this fluidises the dredged material, eliminating potential blockages and the collapse of the suction hose. Having no moving components subsea, the Snark system greatly reduces wear and tear thus eliminating operational failure and subsequent down time.

Snark jetpump technology has the ability to create a vacuum that, discharges 4 times the volume of the inlet flow thus creating efficiencies that water blasting cannot offer. With the ability to control the discharge location the Snark system offers a horizontal, downstream discharge where there is zero loss of visibility, thus again eliminating down time and increasing productivity per dive.

A comprehensive range of standard equipment is available, including the Snark Diver hand held or ROV operable dredge system and the Mini Snark ROV mounted system.

From the initial stages of design and fabrication to final operation, a fully comprehensive dredging system can be provided. The Snark systems enable debris and sediment to be cleared from a variety of submerged structures, from harbors to oilfields.

Specialist dredging systems can be designed in-house, where the design team work directly with the client to engineer a system to suit the application.

Highly trained offshore certified engineers can be provided to ensure that safe and efficient operation of the equipment for working within both civil and offshore industries.