Technical Standards

Consistent with our philosophy we believe that there is great advantage for the clients and projects managers to involve I.S.T. representatives to assist in the planning phase of the works. We see particular advantage in our being exposed to technical specifications for the works and practical applications to the projects to the extent we would be prepared to undertake trials under simulated conditions to reach agreement on procedures and standards that would apply in the field.

I.S.T. has substantial experience in the design and operation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures.
Most major projects have a requirement for quality management and we have the in-house resources to meet this need.

Our QA/QC procedures manual sets out in the form of a handbook, general and specific parameters for quality control. This manual covers the procedures for the application of industrial painting materials as required for this industry.

This handbook was complied to provide the basic document for training toward quality control and is our manual for execution of the quality control programme, as part of the total quality commitment of this company.

The QA/QC Handbook features production, quality control and health and safety procedures, as well as checklists for the project manager, supervisor, foreman, and the quality control office for final inspection.